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We Work with various types of recuperative, ventilation, air supply and exhaust systems.

Installing, repairing, servicing, repairing, updating all manufacturers air handling units, carrying out preventive inspections.

If needed, we can replace old or broken automation for ventilation systems, deliver according to Your needs and complement new features and opportunities in Your system.


We Provide installation, repair and maintenance work of buildings heating systems.

We Work with all types of heat pumps, air-air, air-water, air-primer, systems.


We Work with various types of refrigeration systems, from elementary refrigerator to industrial or office refrigeration systems.

We Mount All types and powers of refrigeration stations, air conditioning, refrigeration facilities, systems for industrial processes.

We Repair all types of refrigeration equipment, replace compressor, and other defective components, we perform maintenance work, preventive checks and provide other services related to refrigeration equipment.


We Provide service services for all systems related to AVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). We Respond quickly if only necessary.

We Respond quickly if it is necessary.

Works professionally and quickly.

We Work throughout Lithuania.

Drilling Holes

Drilling holes in walls, overlays, rooftops.

Hole sizes all up to 425mm

We Work throughout Lithuania.

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